OrbiNet strives for excellence and dedication to create truly unique and innovative solutions that respond to the challenges currently faced by the business world. Our expertise along with the potential to collaborate and our passion that determines us to reinvent tomorrow’s assessments is expressed through innovation.

We place utmost importance on individuals and human values. Knowing the significance of individual potential and interpersonal synergy, we aim to encourage and integrate diversity, unlock the talent of every employee and bring together the aspirations of individuals and organisations. We are aware of the impact our assessments can have on individual evaluations, and therefore we constantly endeavour to provide reliable, relevant and rewarding solutions that benefit test-takers and organisations alike.

Humanism, responsibility, passion, innovation, and a client-focused approach are the driving forces behind every project that we undertake. They express our deep commitment to increasing professional fulfillment, driving diversity and becoming a source of growth for our clients. Our ability to constantly adapt allows us to better respond to our clients' changing needs, providing them with the solutions needed to effectively meet all of their challenges.

Our Research and Innovation department has leveraged on the expertise of our multidisciplinary team to be at the forefront of technological and scientific progress within psychometrics and organisational development.

Our team works closely with experts from different sectors – universities, business partners and clients – to ensure optimal development of our solutions within a cross-cultural approach.

We constantly strive to push our boundaries in the creation of new solutions that meet both our clients’ needs and scientific standards for assessments. Thus, we have been able to develop unique solutions in a constantly evolving market in order to address a wide range of needs. Our products can measure personality, interests, motivation, emotional intelligence, sales and managerial skills, and stress management.