Language And Communication

Assess language and communication proficiency.

Interdisciplinary skills and proficiencies play an integral role in any candidate’s profile. They complement the candidate’s CV along with other acquired skills and help in contributing to professional success by creating a strong and positive image in professional world. Good language skills will allow them to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds and in turn develop a wide range of professional networks which will be beneficial for the organization. Be it any foreign language skill or excellent communication skills, considering these while looking for the best candidate for the organization is important and beneficial. Language tests will help in objectively evaluating a candidate’s ability to express and communicate effectively. It will check the proficiency of a candidate in a particular language. It will assess t he candidate’s ability to understand, communicate and expertise the language along with examining reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

Business English Assessment

The Business English Test allows you to objectively assess a person's ability to understand and communicate in English, especially in a business situation. It evaluates the candidate's English knowledge.

French Language Assessment

The French Language Test is a language skill assessment used to measure the proficiency of written French in grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

German Language Assessment

The German Language Test is a language assessment used to reflect the proficiency of written German in grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

Spanish Language Assessment

The Spanish Language Test is a language skill assessment used to evaluate the proficiency of written Spanish in grammar, vocabulary and spelling.


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