Information Technology

Evaluate knowledge in various IT skills, from programming - OS to DB.

Various IT skills determine the criteria for hiring future employees and promoting existing employees. These skills help in evaluating candidate’s knowledge and provide a clear view of their technical capabilities, thereby benefiting the recruitment process through massive time saving. These technical tests assess the candidate’s knowledge and familiarity about IT skills, such as operating systems, programming languages, etc.


This test will measure the applicant’s knowledge and competency in the technical field of Java development and programming.


PHP Coding Assessment Test (Basic): PHP skills test helps recruiters and hiring managers to assess and hire PHP developers by measuring their coding skills.


This assessment tool connects to SAP Learning Solution, and can help enhance learning initiatives and certification programs across your company. Measure knowledge, skills, attitudes and easily report on results.


A method to determine the ability and the .net skill test in IT.

Web Design and Development

An IT skill assessment tool which challenges the candidate to build and develop the responsive User Interface and User Experience pages of Websites.

Business Intelligence

Determines what is the business need for BI, the ability of business processes and operational systems to support BI, the level of progress of current BI initiatives, future BI plans, and outlines the appropriate steps needed to make BI work.


An IT assessment tool to test the knowledge on end-to-end database process, securities, cloud, Known Platform Vulnerabilities, System Configuration, etc.

Mobile Apps

Allow recruiters of IT companies to assess candidates' IT skills and level (beginner, medium and advanced) in iOS, Android and Windows 8, for the design and development of applications for mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.

Embedded Systems and Telecommunications

The tool enables testing of the candidate’s skills on Microprocessor architecture, Usual micro controllers, Standard peripherals, Digital integrated circuits, Specific Assembly language and C language.

Test Automation

Test Automation suite of assessments are designed to test an individual on aspects of test automation including the understanding of requirements for automation, defining and implementing a test automation framework, awareness of various tool suites and options available in the market, understanding the potential use of tools, and the methods and means to introduce a tool into an organization.

IT Security

This Skill Assessment tool helps to identify the candidate’s skill on securing the data from data breaches under different risk scenarios.


The idea behind this tool is to understand the synergy among different aspects of internet marketing like social media, website, ads, etc., so that the marketing effort is consistent and combined rather than individual and separate. Focus on synergy will decrease effort and maximize gains.


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